The 21st Century Populism Observatory

The 21st Century Populism Observatory was created in 2020 by researchers Liziane Guazina (University of Brasília), Isabel Ferin Cunha (University of Coimbra/ICNOVA) and Ana Cabrera (Universidade Nova de Lisboa/IHC) and researcher Bruno Araújo (Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso), and a research group registered in the Directory of Research Groups of CNPq in Brazil, which brings together researchers of Brazilian, Portuguese and other nationalities interested in studying the recent emergence and reconfiguration of the phenomenon of populism from its relationship with the media in different countries.

The 21st Century Populism Observatory aims to consolidate itself as a reference in the study of populism, collecting, recording and critically evaluating sources of information and academic works on the subject. In defense of democracy and citizenship, the Observatory aims to mobilize citizens in general and researchers in particular, promoting conferences, colloquiums, seminars and other research and public awareness activities.

The Research Group develops research projects devoted to understanding the new populisms emerging in Brazil, Portugal, Italy, among other countries, under the guidance of the broad theoretical and conceptual contributions of Political Communication. The objective is not only to contribute to the strengthening of democratic and citizenship practices, but also to reflect on the functioning of populist communication and participation strategies in new media contexts and ecosystems.

Currently, the group integrates 7 doctoral researchers, 3 researchers with master’s degree, 2 doctoral students, 2 master’s students and 2 undergraduate students.

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